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PT. Grahawita Santika established to manage the hospitality business under the Kompas Gramedia Group on August 22, 1981. The hotel is the first hotel Soeti purchased from its owner, Mrs. Soetiyah Pudjosuwarno. Forerunner Hotel Santika is located on Jalan Sumatra No. 52-54, Bandung. In 1988, a modest hotel with 33 rooms built over an area of ​​3,200 square meters was renovated into a 70 room. After the renovation is completed, this hotel opened as a three-star Hotel Santika Bandung by the Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication, Susilo Sudarman on March 27, 1989. The Hotel Santika Bandung is the primary founders of Santika Hotel.

Hotel Santika background is due to the establishment of the Kompas daily bans in 1978. Therefore, the founders of Kompas Gramedia Group or business unit must think of diversifying beyond its core business as a communications medium. They make plans to prevent mass layoffs. If one day be banned Kompas back, there is still a subsidiary that could support their employees. Some businesses began to do, including the hospitality industry.

At first, the plan to establish a hotel is not approved by the management, because at that time the hotel business is considered to have a negative connotation, and Return on Investment assessed slow. However, Mr. Binawarna Sardjan, member of the Investment Team Kompas Gramedia Group at the time, could convince the Chairman of the Investment Team Kompas Gramedia Group, Mr Indra Gunawan, to approve the establishment of the hotel. Thanks to the persistence and hard work of Mr. Binawarman Sardjan, the Hotel Santika successfully established. A few years after the first Santika Hotel inaugurated and managed, Hotel Santika also managed to spread their wings njmcdirect and reaching more than 40 properties throughout Indonesia. In accordance with its brand value, which is "Indonesian Home" and the motto of service, namely "Hospitality from the Heart", Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts always accentuate the value of Indonesian culture, including hand-tamahannya hospitality to all guests.





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